100 Shiso Recipes – Cook with Confidence with This New Culinary Craze

Have you been hearing all the commotion about Shiso leaves lately?

What are they anyway?


It is a hard flavor to describe but many consider the taste to be similar to that of mint, although the appearance represents closely to basil. It has sometimes been described as minty, other times as having hints of cinnamon, and some people describe it to have citrusy tones.

The best way to find out what Shiso tastes like is to buy some fresh shiso and try it out in one of the delicious recipes listed below. Shiso tastes great as an addition to cocktails, in Asian-style food, and works wonderfully as a garnish for a variety of meals! So let's start cooking!

100 Shiso Recipes to Build you Culinary Confidence

1. Marinated Japanese Mushrooms

I am mushroom-obsessed, so, I just had to try these Japenese-style mushrooms topped with chopped shiso and mitsuba.

2. Miso Yaki Onigiri

Shiso works as an amazing garnish for lots of different dishes, like this Miso Yaki Onigiri, meaning Miso Glazed Grilled Rice Balls.

3. Sweet Potato and Harissa Soup

A delicious and comforting soup that is loaded with flavor and packed with nutrients. It uses micro-shiso leaves to add flavor and to make it look great!

4. Tsukane

Perfect for your next BBQ! These Japenese Chicken Meatball Skewers are drizzled with a sweet soy sauce and have the fresh taste of shiso inside.

5. Korean Perilla Leaf Kimchi

A Korean dish that uses shiso leaves (or perilla leaves) as the main meal. They are topped with an array of herbs, spices, and flavor!

6. Corn and Shiso Fritters

These Corn and Shiso Fritters are a delicious snack that is crunchy yet soft and perfect for serving as an appetizer during game day.

7. Vegetable Shiso Tempura Rolls

Onions and carrots wrapped in robust shiso leaves and battered with tempura. Enjoy them with ketchup, soy sauce, or just on their own!

8. Shiso and Hibiscus Tea Iced Latte

Okay, just the look of this drink is making my mouth water! It's so beautiful! The perfect summer pick-me-up drink!

9. Agedashi Tofu

A tofu that melts in your mouth and excites your taste buds… Yes, please! Grated ginger and chopped shiso leaves add extra flavor.

10. Shiso Leaf Meatballs

Because of the citrusy, minty, and subtle spiciness of the shiso leaves, they pair wonderfully with meat. Try adding shiso leaves to your meatballs next time!

11. Green Rice

Without even knowing what's in this dish, it just already looks good for you. If you're curious as to what is in it though, check out the post here.

12. Mini California Sushi Cones

Cute little sushi cones with the delicious ingredients of a California roll. Crab meat, cucumber, kewpie mayo, and of course… Soshi leaves!

13. Watermelon Shiso Salad

Oh, yes! This salad looks amazing! Juicy watermelon, with minty shiso leaves, and a light sesame dressing. This recipe is vegan and gluten-free.

14. Peach, Hazelnut, Shiso Crisp

*Drool…* I am a sucker for a fancy dessert and this one is definitely calling my name! Served with a gluten + dairy free ginger ice cream!

15. Ume Shiso Pasta

Simple ingredients that create a wonderful flavor and a hearty meal. Try this Ume Shiso Pasta tonight!

16. Shiso Pesto

A great recipe for homemade pesto using shiso leaves for an exotic twist in a classic sauce. Fresh, minty, and tasty.

17. Sugar Snap Zucchini Rice Bowl

A refreshing salad with lots of tasty and healthy ingredients. Sugar snap peas for crunch, shiso leaves for flavor and drizzled with a light sesame oil dressing.

18. Tomato Toast

This tomato toast looks divine, and it tastes so too! It's served with a macadamia nut ricotta, shiso, and black lava salt. Wow!

19. Grape, Kale, Edamame Bean Salad

Sauteed grapes, autumn kale, and edamame beans, and shiso leaves. A burst of flavor comes with each bite of this delectable salad.

20. Mung Bean Leek Burger

These vegan burgers are also gluten-free and come with a gluten-free bun recipe! The patties are made of mung beans, quinoa, and a whole bunch of other nutritious ingredients.

21. Pork Belly Shiso Yaki

Ever tried pork belly? Well, why not give it a shot with this unique salt and peppered Pork Belly and Shiso recipe!

22. Scallop Crudo

A fancy-looking meal with a unique texture and intense flavor. It's served with yuzu and shiso oils and a pink peppercorn.

23. Mahi Mahi

This mahi-mahi is crusted with crunchy sesame seeds, soaked in a soy shiso ginger butter sauce, and served on rice.

24. Red Snapper

Shiso pairs delightfully with seafood and that include red snapper. The recipe is simple, healthy, tasty, and also happens to be paleo, gluten-free, and dairy-free!

25. Cold Pasta with Olives and Shiso

An elegant cold pasta recipe that has juicy confit tomatoes, olives, and of course shiso! Perfect for a picnic!

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