Рукоделие. Вязание. Шитье. Поделки

Рукоделие. Вязание. Шитье. Поделки


These Are The Most Stylish Types of Pencil Skirts

The pencil skirt was first created and made popular by Christian Dior in the 1950s. The skirt was such a revolution in the women’s fashion world since the item would flatter the body of any women who wear it. Pencil skirts will emphasize the natural curves of women and flatter the shape of the wearer. The past 70 years have been the proof that the skirt works for anyone in any occasions, you  just have to find your best styles to look fabulous in it.

Not sure how to wear the pencil skirt to look awesome? Here are some tips!

Denim skirt

Denim pencil skirtSource: pinterest

If you love vintage style, it is a must to have a denim pencil skirt in your wardrobe. This style is very laid-back and cool, and can definitely be the perfect addition for your summer collection. You can also combine it with different items: want to go denim on denim? Want the luxurious look of a pair of high stilettos? Go for it.

Floral Skirt

Floral pencil skirtSource: fashiontasty

A nice pencil skirt with floral flirt translates into being a bit flirty and fun. Pair light floral skirts with delicate tops with light colors, too. On the contrary, dark floral skirts will look best with dark lace or sheer tops.

Sequin Skirt

Sequin skirtSource: pinterest

A sequin pencil skirt will make you look like a celebrity. To maintain the shimmering appearance but not going over the top, keep the rest of your accessories simple.

Leather Skirt

Leather pencil skirtSource: thetrendspottr

If you need a skirt that will make you look sophisticated and powerful in a sultry way, leather pencil skirts will fit that mission. You can wear it in the office or at date nights. The way it hugs your body will make you ooze some confidence. Since the skirt is sexy enough, pair it with high necklines and sleeves to remain sophisticated.

Plaid Skirt

Plaid pencil skirtSource: lindybop

Missing the nostalgic memories of high school? Take your plaid to the streets with a nice style of pencil skirts. The skirt silhouette creates a modern and chic style to wear at the office or anywhere you want.

Lace Skirt


If you want to look ultra feminine and ooze a classic, princess-like beauty, get a lace pencil skirt. Pair it with stiletto heels to give your skirt extra inches so the high-detailed lace fabrics don’t make you look shorter. Get a matching top that suits the style that you try to attain.

Long Skirt

Long pencil skirtSource: lolicouture

Long pencil skirts that reach your lower calf can give you an amazing log that is proper and sophisticated.. Keep it monochromatic and add a pop of color in the form of accessories. Get some kitten heels because the length of you legs are accentuated enough by the skirt.

Black Pencil Skirt

Black pencil skirtSource: dolchefashion

If you want some pencil skirts that can be paired with just about any stylish and formal outfits: whether you are on your way to work, the office party, or a fancy dinner, than black pencil skirts are the answer. From here, the styling options for the top, shoes, and accessories are endless. Be creative, wear black, and lead a colorful life!

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